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Domain Sourcery is a leading domain name specialist based in the United Kingdom. We help you to buy, sell and monetise domain names and achieve the most from your 'virtual' assets.

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Buying Domains

Domain names are a valuable asset to any business. If you are looking to buy domain names, either as an investment, to re-sell or even to monetise, then look no further as we can help you to source and obtain the most profitable domain names available.

Maybe you are just looking for a domain name for your company website or a new online venture? Even if the domain name you want is already taken, as one of the UK's leading domain brokers, we can assist you in the acquisition process.

  • Professional Approach

    Our bespoke service is both professional and efficient. Our company ethos is to ensure 100% client satisfaction at all times, hence we don't offer an 'autonomous' online shopping basket... we ask you to GET IN TOUCH so that we may discuss your exact requirements in detail.

  • Cost Effective

    Domain acquisition doesn't have to cost the earth! We only charge a small commission fee over and above the actual cost of the domain(s) that we obtain on your behalf. For Example, an unregistered Top Level Domain (TLD) such as '' could be yours for less than £10 whereas a registered domain would incur a simple, one off 20% handling charge... that's it - no hidden extras!

Selling Domains

If you already own a single domain or even a portfolio of domain names and you are looking to sell your 'virtual' assets, then we offer all of the tools and resources that you will ever need. Our bespoke brokerage service and arsenal of 'Route To Market' sales channels, industry contacts and our existing investor client base are guaranteed to achieve the best possible return on your investments. Even better, we now offer a one off 'fixed price' selling fee of only £9.95* per domain, thus representing the best value for money in the current domain marketplace.

* Additional domain transfer charges and third party administration costs may apply.

  • Bespoke 'For Sale' Landing Page

    We can provide a unique, domain specific 'For Sale' page as part of our standard promotional package. This landing page can be tailored to each domain, providing useful information such as a description, key features, visitor statistics (displays a graph generated from a dedicated Google Analytics data feed), price, 'Make An Offer' button, contact and social links as well as our very own Twitter feed providing up-to-the-minute industry news.

  • Industry Leading Online Aggregation Software

    Once we have carried out a domain appraisal, agreed a selling price and issued an 'invitation to purchase' via our conventional sales channels (who we know, what we know), our advanced aggregation software allows us to simultaneously publish your domain availability across all of the popular online marketing and auction portals such as Sedo, eBay and Flippa. This ensures maximum exposure to potential buyers from around the world in the most efficient and financially viable manner. Upon achieving a successful sale, we will take care of the entire administration process on your behalf. This will often include handling any hosting, domain transfer, WHOIS and payment issues. For higher value domain transactions, we will always use the ESCROW secure payment facility to ensure that your interests are secured.

    Value your domain name for FREE with Estibot - the most trusted name in domain valuation (click below)...

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Domain Monetisation

Monetising Domains

This is the age old question... how do you make money from unused domain names? Well, in amongst the plethora of online 'get-rich-quick' schemes that are out there, a handful of very effective, tried and tested methods do actually exist. Depending upon how serious you are about making money from domain names, and how much time you can actually spare, determines whether or not you have the capacity to make a serious 'livelihood sustaining' salary or just a passive income in your spare time.

Of course, we aren't just about to disclose our secret recipe, built upon years and years of accumulated experience (and resulting in as many successes as failures), over the internet! However, we would be delighted to share our experiences with you and impart our knowledge on a one-to-one consultancy basis. In the meantime, it would be reasonable to assume, however, that it is indeed possible to make money from utilising your unused domain names in various capacities including eCommerce, domain parking, advertising, domain leasing and affiliate marketing to name but a few... so maybe it isn't time to put those dust-collecting digital relics on the market just yet?!

  • A Wealth Of Knowledge

    As a company that currently owns a portfolio of over six hundred domain names and one that has been operating in the digital marketing and domain monetisation arena for many years, we have gained a wealth of experience - both good and bad - in this increasingly competitive marketplace. We have enjoyed the highs of success and ridden out the lows of failure in respect of numerous online revenue generating concepts and we have arrived at a point where we have a good understanding of how the online marketplace operates, how technologies evolve and what works and what doesn't. As a result, we have gained an enviable reputation within the industry for our no-nonsense approach and our 'out-of-the-box' thinking. There is no such thing as a get-rich-quick formula or, at least, not that we are aware of... unless you have invented a completely unique concept! It takes hard work and determination... and a few 'non-starters' along the way to succeed online.

  • One-To-One Consultancy

    Let us share our knowledge with you on a one-to-one basis. We can guide you in the right direction, offer impartial advice as to the potential profitability of your domain names and, most importantly, help you avoid the numerous pitfalls that many people fall into. Our bespoke approach to consultancy work means that we can tailor a budget to suit your exact requirements and long term expectations.

Leasing Domains

Domain leasing is a simple and affordable way to publish and host your own website without having to go through the (often expensive) domain purchasing, transfer and hosting process. It can also be a good way to get your company or website online quickly as the domains are already being hosted and a pre-negotiated monthly subscription can be extremely cost effective, particularly for new or start-up businesses, as the outright purchase cost of many popular domain names can be somewhat prohibitive or simply out of reach.

Domains can usually be leased either with or without content (a website, online store or blog) and, if the domain in question has been around for quite a while, it may well be that you gain 'added value' from the existing 'equity' in the domain, for example, if it is already attracting visitors, generating enquiries or sales, being used as an advertising platform or if it has favourable search rankings and visibility on the web.

Our domain leasing packages are available from as little as £4.95 per month and we currently have a portfolio of over 600 domain names available, with access to millions more, so it is pretty much guaranteed that we can provide a suitable domain for you no matter what your business or online interests may be!

  • Low Cost, Flexible Domain Leasing Solutions

    We can tailor a domain leasing package to suit your business model and your budget. If you would like to see our current portfolio, or if you have specific domain name in mind, please SEND US AN EMAIL You can also see a small selection of our current domains that are available, either to purchase or lease, HERE

  • Hosting, Web Development & Digital Marketing

    If you require a complete 'turnkey' solution for your leased domain or website, please LET US KNOW as we are able to offer a bespoke range of web development services via our sister company, Eye Candy Digital. No matter whether you are looking for hosting, a brochure website, eCommerce store, blog, database driven content management system or digital marketing and search engine optimisation services, we can cater for your every need!

Domain Leasing

Advantages Of Dealing With Us

Here's why you should let us look after your domain name needs...

Worldwide Service

As we are specialists in the field of 'virtual' commodities, we do not have any geographic limitations. No matter whether you are based in the UK or the USA, we can help you to buy, sell, lease and monetise domain names.

Experts In Our Field

We only deal with domain names, day in and day out... nothing more and nothing less! So, we like to consider ourselves as experts in the field. No matter what your interest in domains may be, we are the people to deal with!

Fast Turnaround

We understand that, once a decision has been made to buy, sell or monetise a domain or publish a new website, then time is of the essence. We always work to a specific schedule to suit your own requirements... and we deliver on time, every time.

Flexible Solutions

Our philosophy is quite simple... we will do everything we can to accommodate the needs of our clients. We have a completely flexible approach to service and we will always strive to provide a solution that meets your demands and your budget.

Added Value Services

So we've secured your perfect domain name and now you need a digital agency to make your online idea a reality? Our sister company, Eye Candy Digital, can do exactly that - enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that your suppliers are working in synergy.

24/7 Customer Support

No matter whether you are buying, selling, monetising or hosting domains, we will provide unlimited support and impartial advice along the way. Our knowledgeable and dedicated support team is available 24/7, unconditionally and at no extra cost.

Pricing Examples

To give you an idea of what we charge...

Buying & Selling Domains

20% on purchases & only £9.95 to sell
  • New Domain Registrations
  • Domain Acquisitions
  • Domain Transfers
  • WHOIS Updates
  • Sales Channel Aggregation
  • 24/7 Customer Support
Ready To Go?

Leasing Domains

From only £4.95 per month
  • Minimum Term (Months)
  • All TLD's
  • Latest Extensions
  • DNS Management
  • Option To Buy
  • 24/7 Customer Support
Ready To Go?

Domain Hosting

From only £2.95 per month
  • Business Pro Hosting Package
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • FTP Access
  • 30 Day Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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Domains For Sale Or To Lease

Here is a small selection of the domain names that we currently have available, either to purchase or to lease.

To download our current list, please click on the PDF icon below.

Alternatively, you may view our entire portfolio* and purchase domains directly from the following portals (*excludes adult / x-rated domains):

Flippa | CAX

If you would like to feature your domain name here for prominent exposure, please GET IN TOUCH

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